Carrier Product Rework

Recall Program

Carrier Corporation is conducting a nationwide recall program, through its local distributor AHIC (Australia) Pty Ltd, to fix a potential defect in some of its Carrier-branded residential and light commercial models. The relevant models were sold in Australia between November 2013 and June 2019. See the media statement and recall notice for further details.

How to identify if your model is affected

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How to find your air conditioner’s serial and part numbers.

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Is this a product recall?
Yes, because the ACCC and ESV treat rework programs such as this as recalls.
As part of the rework program, we are first notifying our customers of the rework, asking them to stop using the units, and then scheduling a time to go to their homes or businesses to carry out the required rework, free of charge.
Are these units dangerous?
This rework program is being implemented in response to a potential safety issue regarding fan motors which have reportedly failed in a small number of similar units in North America. None of the reported incidents in the North American units caused any personal injury or property damage.

The Carrier-branded units which are distributed in Australia are manufactured by a different entity to the manufacturer of the North American units. However, Carrier believes there may be similarities between the North American units and the units sold in Australia that may have the potential to render the fan motor component susceptible to the same type of failure that has been observed in the impacted units.

If the fan motor fails, the outdoor condensing unit may have a risk of fire, which may result in property damage and/or personal injury. Carrier believes the likelihood of this occurring is low, however out of an abundance of caution, Carrier has decided to initiate a rework in Australia which will resolve the potential safety risk.

Carrier is strongly committed to the safety of its customers and is cooperating with the relevant Government and regulatory bodies to initiate and carry out this program. We are confident that a rework will address any potential issues. However, as an extra precaution, we are asking customers to stop using these units until we have completed the rework program.
Why are you attempting to fix them – why not just recall them or replace them?
A rework program allows the potential issue to be resolved with the minimum effort from our customers.
If they’re not dangerous, why is the ACCC asking you to take action?
The ACCC treats rework programs of this type being carried out by Carrier as a recall.
Why isn’t Carrier USA doing this?
AHIC (Australia) Pty Ltd distributes Carrier-branded residential and light commercial units in Australia, including those that are impacted by the rework program. Carrier has resolved that it is more appropriate for its local distributor to carry out the rework program given its local presence and knowledge of the market.
Why isn’t Carrier Australia doing this?
Carrier Australia Pty Ltd distributes commercial units (e.g., units used for large commercial towers, etc). The units impacted by the recall are used in residential and/or light commercial applications (e.g., residential housing, shopfronts, etc). The impacted units are distributed in Australia by AHIC (Australia) Pty Ltd.
What should someone do if they have one of these units?
You should immediately stop using the unit and contact us on 1800 959 554, by email at, or visit our dedicated website at: so that we can make arrangements to carry out the required rework.